Maths Tutor     
Ring Kay Chana 720443 or

        Avon Representative
Jade Szenher    Tel.: 721833
Mob.: 07947 610796
or e-mail:

Dave Roberts    721170
Michael Holgate    720069

Ring Paul 720840

Mobile Hairdresser

Sable Pilgrim Tel.:     07718272264email:          

            Qualified Foot Health Practitioner

Wendy Page - 01469 589378 or            07864860486

Local Services

You Rang?

          Handyman Service
Ring Phil 733072 or 07747330074

               Ironing Service
Ring Lisa on 733528 06  07513612169
or e-mail

Clothing, Alterations and Seamstress Work

Jasmine Crafts, Rosedale, Whitton Tel.: 735048


              Mobile Library    
Tuesday every three weeks
See "What's on This Month"  for days in village.
Stopping Points:
        Whitton Road (near school)                         2.55 pm to 3.20 pm    
         Cross Lane (opposite club)                                 3.25 pm to 3.40 pm
            Front Street ( 'phone box)                                3.45 pm to 4.10 pm    
College Close                   4.15 to 4.30 pm

                    Post Office
Each Monday afternoon (except Bank Holidays) in the Coronation Club                            2 pm to  4.30 pm


Each Thursday outside Coronation Club between 11.15 and 11.45a.m.


Each Wednesday around Alkborough and Walcot between 1.30 p.m. and 3p.m.If you would like him to call at your house ring him on 07871327930